We are focused on producing handcrafted quality leather goods that is accessible to everyone. Every individual item is meticulously handcrafted and usually made in very small quantities, mostly made-to-order. Every piece of leather is measured, cut and stitched by hand, a process that takes dedication and showcases craftsmanship.

The leather used is full grain leather which is not sanded or buffed and therefore, it is not uncommon to find scuffs and minor imperfections on the surface. Yet, it is the imperfections coupled with a handcrafted process that produces products that are one-of-a-kind, adding the personal touch which make them stand out among the rest.

Although we try to deliver products as fast as we can, quality is always of the highest priority with each handcrafted item. Therefore, there might be a lead time when it comes to fulfilling your order. Nevertheless, good things comes to those who wait! While you wait, feel free to browse around for other pieces that may interest you. Enjoy!

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